Senior Adult and Education Ministries


April 15, 2019

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, reread the gospel accounts of the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord. Prepare your hearts for the Lord to renew His call to repentance and worship this Easter Sunday. The last few chapters in each of the gospels will remind you of the terrible and yet wonderful price our Savior paid for our salvation.

Amazing is the work of Roy and Mary Callahan with Hands Up Ministries, who seek to help prisoners discover the power of Christ to change their lives and help them prepare to reenter society through this wonderful faith-based after prison caring ministry. Like Jesus, they see the people and have compassion on them. I was shocked to learn that there are hundreds of prisoners who have completed their sentence in prison for their wrongdoing and yet remain in prison because they have no place to live… men, women, youths, and veterans. Bible studies, discipleship classes, computer lab, GED tutoring, ESL classes. They have baptism services every Thursday. 60 have made professions of faith in the last year. God, bless the Callahans,

We continue to receive our Mission offering for those who have surrendered their lives to Christ and are serving Him in North America as our missionaries to the lost. Every penny of the Annie Armstrong Easter offering goes directly to those missionaries. Nothing is used for administrative purposes. If you haven’t yet given, I pray you will ask the Lord what he would have you give. More than $4,400 has been given by you!

Thank you once again Mark Kirby for conducting Wednesday Morning Prayer Service while I was in New Orleans on the Mission Trip.

Medical Emergency Contact List from information you gave us. Most of you have filled out a new form, updating your information. Thank you.  I hope we never need to use it. We keep copies in the Medical Room at the church and I keep one in the church office. In case of an emergency, we have information on whom to contact for you. I still have forms if you have not completed one yet. Take a moment and fill it out and turn it back in at the end of the service. 

We had a powerful storm roll through the area last weekend.  Trees were uprooted and fell over power lines, which caused the power outage at the church that kept us from meeting last Sunday. I had driven to Windsong Apartments on Raymond   Road for my Sunday School class that meets there every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. When I got there, power crews were trying to remove the tree and power line that had fallen across the driveway. I was there but couldn’t get in for the storm damage. On Monday morning I discovered that a huge tree had fallen at the corner of Alta Woods Blvd and Oakhurst. We had power at the church but telephones and internet service were still out. If you tried to call the church office on Monday, you couldn’t get through. The destruction was not limited to the area around the church or even to Mississippi. Fatalities and severely injured people could be found in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia and Ohio. Pray for the families of those who lost loved ones. Storm alerts did provide us plenty of warning but with a storm that powerful, no one was completely safe. It is times such as this I believe God is reminding us of his awesome power and that He controls the weather. I find it almost amusing that there are people who think that they can control the weather by limiting carbon emissions and other things. They obviously don’t believe in a God who set the earth in motion and sustains it every day. Not that He wanted anyone to die, but we sometimes get so complacent and treat life carelessly rather than cherish the precious days He gives us. Make no mistake about it, the same weather related events He caused in the time of Moses in Egypt do still occur today. What have we learned?