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Welcome to Alta Woods Baptist Church

Welcome to Alta Woods Baptist Church

Welcome to Alta Woods Baptist ChurchWelcome to Alta Woods Baptist Church

Off Campus Worship & Bible Study to Retirement/Nursing Homes


Over time, many of our most active church members have become no longer able to attend Bible study and worship at the church campus.  Nearly 20 years ago, Alta Woods decided to carry these activities to them at many locations and has been doing this ever since. We even have a Conference Call Sunday School class where homebound members can call on Sunday mornings and participate in a Bible lesson at no charge to them.

Volunteers lead group Worship times and Bible studies in nursing homes and retirement homes all over the Metro Jackson area on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  They need our prayers as they faithfully and selflessly carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who can no longer come to the church building.  


Off Campus Volunteer Ministers are: Art Compere, Charles Daley, Martha Daley, Jackie Dendy, Bessie Easterling, Sid Ellis, Maggie Hartle, Sid Johnson, Ernestine Lather, Jo-Ann Lawrence, Tony Lewis, Shannon Owen, Bill Phillips, Del Slone, Bobby Staples, Rufus Stevens, David Watts.  There may be others who volunteer from time to time.



Sunday ; 9:00 am, Belhaven Nursing Home

Jackie Dendy, Tony Lewis

9:00 AM, Windsong Apartments , Sid Johnson

10:00, Conference Call Sunday School Class

Sid Johnson, Del Slone

Monday: 10:00 am, Highland Home

David Watts, Maggie Hartle, Nancy Hancock

Bi-weekly or Monthly

2nd Sundays; 2:30 pm, Villa South

David Watts, Maggie Hartle 

1st, 3rd, 5th Mondays; 1:00 pm, Adult Daycare, Brookdale, Clinton

Maggie Hartle, Del Slone, Nancy Hancock

1st, 3rd Tuesdays; 2:30 pm, Compere Nursing Home

Rufus Stevens, Del Slone, Maggie Hartle

1st, 3rd, 5th, Tuesdays; 6:00 pm, The Orchard

David Watts

2nd, 3rd Tuesdays; 10:00 am, Forest Hill Nursing Home

Maggie Hartle, Bessie Easterling, Shannon Owen, Charles and Martha Daley, Ernestine Lather

4th Tuesdays; 10:00 am, Pleasant Hills Nursing Home

Bobby Staples, Jo-Ann Lawrence, Maggie Hartle

2nd Thursdays; 9:30 am, Chadwick Nursing Home

Shannon Owen, Del Slone, Maggie Hartle