Missions Opportunities

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Missionaries Overseas - $10,463

Every year at Christmas our Baptist Convention collects a nationwide missions offering from local churches for missionaries who are serving overseas. Every penny goes directly to the missionaries, nothing is kept for administration costs. Administration costs are covered by our cooperative giving each week and month. The offering is named for Lottie Moon who was a missionary to China from 1873 to 1912 and literally gave her life sharing Jesus with the people there.  Seeing the hunger of the people, she pleaded for money from the foreign mission board but they were too deeply in debt to help.  So she gave her Chinese friends her food and her personal money and starved herself until she weighed but 50 pounds.  In 1912, her fellow missionaries sent her back to the United States but she died before she arrived. 

Our missionaries serving all over the world today serve at personal sacrifice to themselves and their families. They receive a monthly stipend for their living expenses and ministry needs. This offering gives them additional support for carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to the people in their country. 

Blair Batson Children's Hospital - January 2019

Bring food items in January for the waiting areas for the families of children who are in the hospital.  You may drop them off in the church office.

Port Ministry - New Orleans

April 2-5, 2019  -  New Expanded Ministry in 2019.  2nd, Travel and sight-see; 3rd, deliver personal toilet articles to the Port Ministry on Tchoupitoulas Street (do some cleaning, baking, organizing); 4th, serve meals and witness to cruise ship workers at the Center.  5th, Senior Fest at New Orleans Seminary. 

Operation Christmas Child

This mission project is also known as the Shoebox Ministry of Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse. They are delivered at Christmas time to children around the world by Samaritan's Purse. Alta Woods participates by packing shoeboxes every October for delivery in November to our local central collection church. Rufus and Velma Stevens head up this mission project for Alta Woods. Thank you to everyone who participated in packing shoeboxes for children whom you will never meet unless you meet them in heaven one day.

Mississippi Mission Offering

September is the month designated to collect a special offering for Southern Baptist mission projects in the state of Mississippi.  It is named Margaret Lackey Mission Offering, in memory of Margaret, a native of Copiah County. A graduate of Hillman College in Clinton and because of her great desire for missions, she became the first salaried corresponding secretary of Mississippi WMU in 1912.  Upon her retirement in 1930, she also became an unofficial chaplain of Mississippi Baptist Hospital.  Our giving is combined with other Southern Baptist Churches to support efforts as: Camp Garaywa and Conference Center in Clinton where hundreds of girls attend this Christian camp every summer; Central HIlls Retreat center at West where many boys attend camp each summer; Mission volunteers who need financial assistance  in making mission trips; New church starts; Various community mission projects in areas of great need; Disaster Relief; Criminal Justice/Prison ministries; College ministries; Christian Women's/Men's Job Corps; Cross-cultural Evangelism; Language/Deaf Ministry; Port Ministry.