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"I am a God who gives and gives and gives.  When I died for you on the cross, I held back nothing; I poured out my Life like a drink offering.  Because giving is inherent in My nature, I search for people who are able to receive in full measure.  To increase your intimacy with Me, the two traits you need the most are receptivity and attentiveness.  Receptivity is opening up your innermost being to be filled with My abundant riches. Attentiveness is directing your gaze to Me, searching for Me in all your moments.  It is possible to stay your mind on Me, as teh prophet Isaiah wrote.  Through such attentiveness you receive a glorious gift: My perfect Peace."

Philippians 2:17; Mark 10:15; Isaiah 26:

Prayer List - updated 11--19

Estes Garner did not get a good report from his cancer doctor.  He really needs our love and prayer support in these days.

Lynn Hill has been in and out of St. Dominic Hospital lately.  She needs our prayers.

Harold Stewart has been in and out of Baptist hospital over the weekend.  He continues to have breathing and heart issues.  Keep him and his daughter Evelyn in your prayers.  Her friend Ray fell and broke his hip and had emergency surgery last week.  He is at Wisteria Gardens recuperating.

Pat Dendy had successful surgery last Tuesday and is now home from the hospital and recuperating nicely.

In Rehab

Kathryn Trosper, Edgewood Health


Ron Farmer; Harold Stewart; Becky Miller; Delma Smith; Janice Parker; Lucretia Berry; Lynn Hill; Kay Carroll  

Church Family at Home

Kyrous Brown, Margaret Shelton, Laverne Brooks, Cornelia Bullock, Gene Hartzog, Harold Stewart, Betty Bingham, Jean Johnson, Eleanor Graham, Carolyn Moulds, Peggy Madden, Jean King, Ray & Margaret Campbell, Don Cutrer, Doug Cutrer, Emmaline Ware, Virginia Pennington, Jeanette Creekmore

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Rehabs

COOPER, KELLY  Harmony Court (769-251-2098; 5411 I-55 North, Jackson, MS)  

FELTEN, CELESTE Kenton Pointe Assisted Living, 1455 Kenton Pointe Way, Room 213, Maysville, KY 41056

GRAHAM, HELEN room 108 Copiah Living Center (601-892-1880, 806 W. Georgetown St., Crystal Springs, MS 39059) 

GUTHERIE, RUTH  INEZ, room 216  Woodlands Rehab and Healthcare (601-924-7043; 102 Woodchase Park Dr., Clinton, MS 39056)   

JARRETT, ALVILDA  room 247   Brookdale Brandon (601-919-1208; 140 Castlewoods Blvd., Brandon, MS 39047)

POWELL, BAILEY room 203, Azalea Gardens (530 Hall Ave., Wiggins, MS 39577) 

SCHULTZ, GEORGE 110, Plain View Assisted Living (214 Spell Street, Richland, MS 39218)

STAMPLEY, DANNY A114, Chadwick Nursing Home (601-372-0231; 1900 Chadwick Dr., Jackson, MS 39204)

THOMPSON, LILLIE  room 322, Brandon Nursing Home (601-825-3192; 355 Crossgates Blvd., Brandon, MS 39042) 

WHITE, TOMMY  Brandon Court (601-664-2259; 100 Burnham Rd., Brandon, MS 39042)

WILLIAMSON, BETTY  Edgewood Health and Rehab (601-362-5394, 205 Parkway, Byram, MS 39272) 

Members in Retirement Home , Independent Living

BALLARD, DABNEY, B 105  Riggs Manor (601-857-5011; 2300 Seven Springs Road, Raymond, MS 39154) 

CLAY, CAROL, D16, The Home Place 7521 Old Canton Road, Madison, MS 39110) 

FELTEN, CELESTE, Room 213, 1455 Kenton Pointe Way, Maysville, KY 41056

FERRELL, LEE & NAOMI, room 331;  The Orchard (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157) 

GUESS, EVELYN The Home Place (601-856-8041; 7521 Old Canton Road, Madison, MS 39110) 

MALONE, LINDA  room 228, The Orchard (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157) 

MORRIS, PAM, apt. 147 Castlewood Place, (540 Castlewood Blvd, Brandon, MS 39057)

PHILLIPS, BILL, (601-992-0526)  apt. 205 Castlewood Place, (540 Castlewood Blvd, Brandon, MS 39057)

RAINEY, WILMA Apt. 118  Chateau Ridgeland, (745 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS. 39157)

RALEY, FRANCES, room 8  The Orchard (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157)

TANNER, KITTY  B 104  Riggs Manor (601-857-5011; 2300 Seven Springs Road, Raymond, MS 39154) 

Non-Church Members

Billy Kinstley, son of Evelyn Kinstley; Michael Moulds at UMMC, son of Carolyn Moulds; Flora Gillis, sister-in-law of Walter Gillis; Selma Foreman, Henry Williams’s sister; Bess Ponder; Paul Slone, brother of Del Slone; Cappie Sinclair, great grandson of Kay Carroll; Bubba Dean, nephew of Sid Ellis