Spend a Minute with God

I am watching over you continually. No matter what you are experiencing or how alone you feel, trust that I am with you—well aware of your circumstances. When you are in the throes of adversity, it is easy to feel abandoned. So it is crucial at such times to tell yourself the truth: Northing can separate you from My loving Presence. When this truth has sunk deeply into your mind and heart, you are ready to commune with Me. You will find Me tenderly present with you as I enter into your suffering. The intimacy you share with Me is enhanced by adversity when you invite Me into your experience without bitterness or resentment. To enjoy these intimate moments with Me, you must trust Me—refusing to rely on your own understanding. Trusting Me involves consciously leaning on Me for support, just as leaning on a massive rock helps you keep standing when you are weary. I am indeed the Rock of your refuge. Rejoice in the One who supports you so strongly and loves you so tenderly.

Prayer List - updated 12-1-18


To the family of Dot Gray, former member and active in ministry to Nursing Homes

To Kenny Randall and his family in the loss of his sister

In the Hospital

Jeanette Creekmore, Baptist Hospital


Hal Lott, Edgewood, room 304

Church Family

Laverne Brooks       Cornelia Bullock

Gene Hartzog          Margaret Shelton

Harold Stewart         Jeanette Creekmore

Kathryn Trosper       Bill & Evelyna Beaty    

Betty Bingham           Eleanor Graham       

Muriel Malone            Peggy Madden     

Jean King             Ray/Margaret Campbell

Irene Cutrer                Don Cutrer

Doug Cutrer               Emmaline Ware

Virginia Pennington     Kyrous Brown


Pray for David Thaggard, son of Doc and Kathy Thaggard, who is being transferred to the US southern border in response to the immigrant caravan situation.  Pray for safety as he travels from Montana to Texas.  Also for safety and well-being of all involved in this dangerous situation.

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Rehabs, Independent Living

Adcock, William  B141 V.A. NURSING HOME (601-353-6142; 4607 Lindberg, Jackson, MS 39209

Branton, Onita  Sandra Elliott, 9B, COMPERE NURSING HOME (601-948-6531; 865 North St., Jackson, MS 39202)  

Cooper, Kelly  HARMONY COURT (769-251-2098; 5411 I-55 North, Jackson, MS)  

Craft, Glenda  PLEASANT HILLS NURSING HOME (601-371-1700; 1600 Raymond Rd., Jackson, MS 39204) 

Fulton, Mary Jo  PLAIN VIEW ASSISTED LIVING (214 Spell Street, Richland, MS 39218) 

Graham, Helen  room 108 COPIAH LIVING CENTER (601-892-1880, 806 W. Georgetown St., Crystal Springs, MS 39059) 

Gutherie, Ruth Inez, room 216  WOODLANDS REHAB AND HEALTHCARE (601-924-7043; 102 Woodchase Park Dr., Clinton, MS 39056)   

Jarrett, Alvilda  room 247   BROOKDALE BRANDON (601-919-1208; 140 Castlewoods Blvd., Brandon, MS 39047)

Powell, Bailey room 203, AZALEA GARDENS (530 Hall Ave., Wiggins, MS 39577) 

Schultz, George 110, PLAIN VIEW ASSISTED LIVING (214 Spell Street, Richland, MS 39218)

Stampley, Danny A114, CHADWICK NURSING HOME (601-372-0231; 1900 Chadwick Dr., Jackson, MS 39204)

Tanner, Kitty  B 104  RIGGS MANOR (601-857-5011; 2300 Seven Springs Road, Raymond, MS 39154)

Thompson, Lillie  room 322, BRANDON NURSING HOME (601-825-3192; 355 Crossgates Blvd., Brandon, MS 39042) 

Watts, Lottie Apt. 222, THE BLAKE  (608 Steed Road, Ridgeland, MS 39157) 

White, Tommy  BRANDON COURT (601-664-2259; 100 Burnham Rd., Brandon, MS 39042)

Williamson, Betty  EDGEWOOD HEALTH AND REHAB (601-362-5394, 205 Parkway, Byram, MS 39272) 

Members in Retirement Homes

Ferrell, Lee & Naomi, room 331;  THE ORCHARD (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157) 

Guess, Evelyn THE HOME PLACE (601-856-8041; 7521 Old Canton Road, Madison, MS 39110) 

Malone, Linda  room 228, THE ORCHARD (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157) 

Mitchell, Polly, Natchez - #4207ST. CATHERINE’S VILLAGE (601-856-0100; 200 Dominican Drive, Madison, MS 39110)

Phillips, Bill  apt. 134 BROOKDALE (601-926-1224; 501 E. Northside Drive, Clinton, MS 39056) 

Rainey, Wilma Apt. 118  CHATEAU RIDGELAND, (745 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS. 39157)

Raley, Frances, room 8  THE ORCHARD (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157)

Non-Church Members

Miller Reed, friend of Henry Williams; David Thaggard, son of Doc and Kathy Thaggard, has been sent to boarder in Texas; Scott Lasley, Rita Farmer’s son; Joyce Lott; Cindy Barrett; Mary Ann Myers; Janie Dukes, daughter of Kay Carroll;  Estes Garner; June Goodson, 5 year old with leukemia, friend of Lucretia Berry;  Caroline Vance, granddaughter of Sid and Nell Rose, has a broken arm