Music News


NOVEMBER 18, 2019

With the excitement and preparation holidays bring, it’s important to remember our worship of Almighty God should be part of life every day.  More than the praises lifted on Sundays or Wednesdays, worship is about keeping our focus at all times on the One worthy of our worship…our Lord Jesus Christ.  Heavenly Father, open our eyes to the gifts You give each day – and open our lips so we can give witness of Your gifts to others.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

 JOY Singers are off to Pearl tomorrow, Nov. 19 – singing for residents and staff of Wisteria   Gardens .  The van leaves AW at 9:30 am, with singing at 10.  We have much to be thankful for and pray you’ll join us as we seek to share the love of Jesus.

 A Season of Wonder begins the first week of December and there is yet much to accomplish.  Please check the events listed below to determine where you could plug in.  I’m praying the AW Christmas elves will show up in record numbers to Hang the Green and share in the fellowship and light lunch provided.

 The combined voices of Chancel Choir and JOY Singers will present the musical Emmanuel, Celebrating Heaven’s Child on Dec. 8 at 11 am.  Please encourage family, neighbors, and friends to join us.  Flyers for hand delivery are available in the church office.  It will be a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season! 

 As our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving, may we seek to exhibit thanks-living year round.  “In every thing give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  Let’s rejoice each day in the blessings of God’s love and grace.  Happy Thanksgiving from Terry and David!

    Looking ahead …

  • Nov 19 – JOY Outing to  Wisteria   Gardens in Pearl ; van leaves AW 9:30 am, singing at 10
  • Nov 26/27 – No JOY Singer or Chancel Choir Rehearsals
  • Dec 2 – Hanging of the Green, 9 am until; lunch provided
  • Dec 3 – JOY Outing to  State   VA  Home
  • Dec 4 – Christmas Dress Rehearsal
  • Dec 8 – Season of Wonder Emmanuel, Celebrating Heaven’s Child; 11 am with host, Walt Grayson
  • Dec 10 – JOY Outing:  Dutch treat lunch, Primo’s ( Lake Harbor ); The Orchard, 2 pm