Music News


February 18, 2019

 Christians are the physical presence of Christ wherever we go, demonstrating His compassion in our love and His relevance in our ministry. We must breathe out to breathe in…give to receive.  The more we are willing to serve others in Jesus’ name, the more we are able to experience His life-giving reality.

  Author Max Lucado who played tuba in his high school marching band, reflects on his experience: “Would you attend a concert of a hundred tubas? Probably not. But what band would be a band without a tuba? Or a flute? Or a trumpet? Or a steady drum? Get the idea? The operative word is need.  They need each other. By themselves they make music. But together, they make magic.”
 Then Lucado applies his experience to the church: “Not all of us play the same instrument.  Not all of us make the same sound.  Some are soft, others loud.  Some convert the lost.  Others encourage the saved.  And some keep the movement in step.  But all are needed!” Which part of the body are you?
 Music is an integral part of my worship and I am deeply grateful for volunteer and staff musicians who serve faithfully each week to enhance our corporate worship experience. And wasn’t it great seeing Hal Lott return to the choir!  God is so good!

  Fine technical volunteers add yet another layer to our worship involvement. Our three sound operators serve every three months on a rotating basis. Our lone video operator is currently without backup, and we need someone who could serve when he must be away. If you possess basic computer skills and could assist in being available for these times, please let us know.  It is a joy to serve with these whose God-given ability enable us to experience Him in new ways.  Please take a moment to praise God and let them know how much they mean to your worship.  I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God…

   Looking ahead …

Mar 5 – JOY Outing to Copiah Living, singing at 10 am

Mar 26 – JOY Outing to Pleasant Hills, singing at 10 am

Mar 31 – Senior Adult Day & Luncheon

Apr 14 – Palm Sunday Easter Music in morning worship

Apr 16 – JOY Outing to Briarhill Nursing Home, singing at 10 am

Apr 21 – Resurrection Sunday

May 7 – Senior Adult Choir Festival at FBC Richland