Music News

March 12, 2018

While returning to AW following JOY Singers’ outing last week to Harmony Court, I was overwhelmed with gratitude…for your faithful dedication to this ministry; for the privilege of serving alongside you; for your modeling Christ’s love to others.  Even the absence of a piano when we first arrived didn’t hinder your witness to the precious folks with whom we shared. Several asked when were we coming back.  God’s incomparable grace and mercy is indeed overwhelming as He allows us to be part of His plan in this way.  You are the BEST! 

This week marks the final two rehearsals (Tue at 10:45 and Wed at 3:15) for our presentation of Alleluia! by the combined voices of Chancel Choir, JOY Singers, and former and guest singers. The excitement is building in anticipation of a glorious service of worship and praise.  Please invite friends, neighbors, and family to join you here next Sunday.  Let’s prepare to be used by God as we celebrate His incredible gospel story this Easter season. 

It was wonderful seeing Steve Davis (and Melissa) worshiping from the balcony Sunday morning.  Steve is a key member of our sound team, and we pray for a full and speedy recovery as he undergoes therapy in the next few weeks.  Steve , Del , and Glen spend long hours to ensure our system is operating properly.  Last week we were privileged to be guided by one of New Jerusalem’s most proficient sound operators, and I’m hoping to hear positive comments from our congregation as a result.  I include Bill Lott as our lone video operator; we are grateful for his service in this area.         

We always want to know if you are experiencing difficulty hearing or understanding the messages in song and word each week.  But please feel free to move to another pew until hearing is improved.  The ushers also have listening devices you may check out before service time to assist in this matter.  The choir will not be moving to the pews in the center of the sanctuary next Sunday, so please help fill the void.  Hearing should improve there, too.        

As Alta Woods gathers each week… Let's just praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!  Let's just lift our hearts to heaven and praise the Lord! 

Looking ahead …  

Mar 18 – Easter Music – Alleluia!  A Praise Gathering for Believers  

Mar 25 – Palm Sunday & Lord’s Supper  

Apr 1 – Easter Sunday  

Apr 3 – JOY Outing to St. Catherine’s Village  

Apr 4 – No Chancel Choir  

Apr 17 – JOY Outing to Villa South