Music News

September 17, 2018

    The mission of Alta Woods Baptist Church is to touch south Jackson and beyond, through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  He holds the ability to empower true worship, change lives, strengthen families, and encourage spiritual growth.  Have you invited someone to experience that with us lately?

    As Alta Woods gathers each Sunday for Bible study and worship, we center our minds and hearts on God, seeking His glory through praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.  At times, we see our sinfulness and are broken before God seeking cleansing.  At other times, we understand His task for us and commit ourselves to His desires.  As we experience God's presence in worship, He transforms and empowers our lives to serve Him and others.  We also recognize our need to experience God's presence daily in personal quiet time.  Worship is not just a Sunday morning event.  It is a lifestyle of communing with God, enjoying God, and seeking His glory.  Worship is an issue of the heart.  True worship comes as we seek God with sincere, whole-hearted desire for Him in “spirit and in truth.”  Our prayer is that we will know God in a real way each time we gather for worship.

   JOY Singers’ outing to the VA Nursing Home last week was a sweet time with the veterans and their care-givers.  Betty Adcock had William front and center as we shared.  He didn’t say much, but gave me a “wee” smile before we left.  It is a privilege to thank these vets for their service to our country.  Remember to lift them up in prayer often.

    Tomorrow, Sep. 18, JOY Singers make a first-time visit to Plain View Assisted Living in Richland, where we’ll share with George Schultz, Mary Jo Fulton and others.  The church van and/or cars will leave AW at 9:30 am with singing at 10.  Bump up the condition of your heart and that of others as you choose to go on mission with us!

   Looking ahead … 

Sep 18 – JOY Outing to Plain View Assisted Living in Richland

Oct 2 – JOY Outing to Chadwick Nursing Home in Jackson

Nov 6 – JOY Outing to Wisteria Gardens in Pearl